Tokyo Tomo

What We Do

Tokyo Tomo takes you on curated excursions in the Japanese capital.

Tokyo Tomo offers custom-made Tokyo excursions with a focus on the art, design, food, and fashion scenes.

Our bespoke concierge service is designed to help you navigate this sprawling city: a major cultural force, but often frustratingly opaque and difficult to penetrate for the outsider or first-time visitor.

In close consultation with our clients, as well as an extensive network of contacts, we provide an insider glimpse into contemporary Tokyo and access to under-the-radar developments usually content to remain out of sight to foreign visitors — everything that's most vital, exciting, and unique in this city of 30 million.

At a time when anyone can post rave reviews and tantalizing images of where they went on their last trip, it’s never been more important to cut through the hype, and separate the mumblings of the masses from the insights of the experts.

That’s where we can come in — and help to make those decisions for you.

We’re here to illuminate cultural idiosyncrasies, smooth over potential misunderstandings, and make you feel like you’re always in the know. We’ll save you precious time that you might have wasted combing through guidebooks, or frantically patching together piecemeal recommendations from friends.